About Us

And like, nice to meet ya!

and like co. was founded by a group of friends & stationery enthusiasts from California––Gia, Camille, & Jenny. 

As Southeast Asian-American women, we wanted to carve out a space where our art was symbiotic with our culture & values. Accessibility is an incredibly important foundation of our values, and what's more accessible than sharing art with a loved one through a greeting card?

With that in mind, all our products are consciously designed and packaged with the greatest care. We are always challenging ourselves to be more accessible, more sustainable, and more creative! 

And like, what's with the name?

Here at and like co., we wanted to turn the phrase "and like" on its head. As Californians, it's a staple in our vocabulary! And like, instead of turning our noses up at the phrase, we'd like to transform it into an expression of enthusiasm, love, and passionate storytelling. 

Thank you so much for allowing us to share a touch of whimsy and a taste of our Southeast Asian roots with you.

and like, with all our love–––

Gia, Camille, & Jenny

p.s. get to know us some more on our And Like It or Not blog!

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