Meet: Gia Ngo

Gia’s passion for writing earned her a degree in journalism in San Francisco. Our co-founder wears many hats, but the one she never takes off is “storyteller.”

Our Vietnamese-American co-founder came up with our name, and like co., because it encompasses everything she loves about storytelling––ramblings of adventures, love, & well-wishes. And from a young age, she knew the one thing she desired most was to share these words with anyone who’d listen.

Gia wants to facilitate these words for others too, guiding people to express themselves to the fullest. To ink words onto paper, immortalizing even the smallest gestures of fondness, the faintest memories tinged with happiness.

And she’s thrilled to be able to do so through and like co.

In Her Own Words:

Q: What does your zodiac sign say about you?
G: I’m a Gemini through & through! I thrive in chaos, & my head’s always buzzing. I pick up a new hobby every week because I just can’t get enough of learning & being creative.

Q: What does and like co. mean to you?
G:  It’s a culmination of everything that I am, of my dreams. And working with some of my closest friends is the cherry on top.

Q: What are you excited to show our customers?
G:  Jenny & Camille are brilliant! A bit of each of us bleed into all of our work. And I’m so excited for everyone to finally see the fruits of our labor.