Meet: Camille Contreras

Camille studied graphic design in San Francisco, and her work showcases incredible versatility. And she’s brought her versatility to the and like co. team.

Our illustrious designer and co-founder is a breath of fresh air to our team, bolstering new ideas with a fountain of knowledge. Her designs embody the warmth and love and like co. represents.

As a Filipina-American, community is integral to her life and her work. As recompense for the outpour of love and support around her, Camille shares her art with the world. Her sunny disposition and culture bleed into the very essence of our brand ––and we’re all the better for it!

With endless creative energy, Camille will continue designing and sharing art that will touch upon every tendril of life––making every moment, whether large or small, a celebration.

Camille smiling with a rainbow girl power sticker on the polaroid

In Her Own Words:

Q: What does your zodiac sign say about you?
C: AQUARIUS GANG ♒️ I have always followed the beat of my own drum and deeply believe in individuality. We weren’t born to be like everyone else!

Q: What does and like co. mean to you?
C: To me, and like co. is us taking a chance on ourselves.

Q: What are you excited to show our customers?
C: I am excited to show them the joy of gifting, to others and themselves. A text or email can never replace the joy or physicality of writing and sending a card.